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eK12 for Educators

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Accommodation App 

Documentation Feature

Our Documentation Feature provides teachers with a streamlined solution for special education and section 504 documentation. Record data in less than 60 seconds with our easy-to-use platform, accessible from multiple devices. Reduce the time and effort spent on documentation, allowing you to focus on what really matters--your students.

Accommodation App

Real-Time Data 

Our Real-Time Data service allows educators to collect data for special education and Section 504 students, giving case managers and administrators the information they need to make informed decisions. Additionally, our data can be used during parent/teacher meetings to facilitate data-driven decisions, designing plans, and ensuring compliance. With our service, educators are well-equipped to ensure the best possible outcomes for their students.

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Special Needs Training

Our Special Needs Training provides educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively serve the special needs of their students. Through this training, educators will gain an understanding of special education and Section 504, including how to provide accommodations, modify curriculum, and differentiate instruction to support all student needs. With this training, teachers will be well-equipped to create an inclusive learning environment where all students can succeed.

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